2021 STEM Workforce Spotlight:
What North Carolina Students Need​ to Know Now

Do you have students who are interested in science careers, who would like to make an impact on human health, and soon will be in a position to train for and pursue in-demand jobs right here in North Carolina that pay well and bring tremendous personal satisfaction?
If so, you won’t want to miss our 2021 STEM Workforce Spotlight at this year’s Bridging the Gap conference. In just 2020 alone, life science companies in North Carolina announced plans to create nearly 3,000 new biopharma manufacturing jobs in our state. A biopharma manufacturing career isn’t just for scientists. People with different skills and backgrounds have fulfilling jobs in this industry. In fact, so many jobs in this field keep coming online here in North Carolina that industry leaders need K-12 education partners to spread the word far and wide to connect today’s students to one of the hottest life science careers. Launching a biomanufacturing career is easier than you think! Let us show you how. Come ready to learn about North Carolina’s biopharma community, training resources and career pathways.

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