The Bridging the Gap conference planning team takes pride in providing a consistent conference experience with unique program features that would not be possible in fall 2021 due to ongoing pandemic safety restrictions and ongoing pandemic uncertainties. We know that an in-person Bridging the Gap conference in fall 2021 would not be the Bridging the Gap conference that you have grown to expect and enjoy due to necessary modifications. By keeping our community virtual this fall, we are able to lower registration costs, keep your time away from the classroom at a minimum, and we are continuing to keep your health and safety our top priority. We look forward to seeing you online in the days ahead!

The following is a national call for speakers, open to all STEM stakeholders, including K-12 educators and administrators, higher education faculty and students, and those representing nonprofit organizations, government agencies and other STEM groups.

Presenters are asked to share resources and best-practices in STEM education. Presentations should be engaging and should foster collaboration between K-16 STEM education communities. Presenters must explain in the submission process how their proposed presentation(s) will address diversity, equity and inclusion.


June 22

July 15

August 1

August 20

October 18

Industry Connections: Employment Needs & Career Readiness

40-minute presentation

Links educators to industry leaders in the exploration of specific workforce needs both now and in the future. This track focuses on the connections between education and the world of work through industry insight. Sessions may include:

Spanning Silos

40-minute presentation

Connects higher education researchers with K-12 educators to explore the practical application of learning theory and current research in classroom instruction. Sessions may include:

STEM 101: Exploring the Basics

40-minute presentation

Provides K-12 teachers with practical strategies to meet STEM classroom needs (time management, space, integration, differentiation, funding, etc.). This track is geared for educators and partners who are new to STEM.

STEM for All

40-minute presentation

Explores ways to design a STEM learning experience that meets the unique and differentiated needs of all children in the classroom. Leveraging the latest research in universal lesson plan design, educators will learn how to develop lessons and activities that work for all students. Sessions may address:

Hands-On, Minds-On Instructional Practices

40-minute presentation

Provides teachers with inquiry-based, hands-on activities and practical guidance for incorporating STEM in the classroom using cross-content integration. Sessions may address:

Citizen Science

40-minute presentation

Provides instruction and ideas for implementing Citizen Science with K-12 students. Citizen Science is the collection and analysis of data relating to the natural world by members of the general public, typically as part of a collaborative project with professional scientists. Sessions may address:


40-minute presentation

Proposes alternative classroom designs that encourage active learning and development. This track focuses on emerging pedagogies and technologies designed to activate learning in new and meaningful ways. Sessions may include:

Preparing and Teaching the Whole Child

40-minute presentation

Explores learning from a whole child development perspective, which recognizes the complex environments in which educators must work while empowering students with the latest STEM learning. This track also explores how to prepare students for today’s information environment and it addresses practical applications and knowledge related to critical thinking, training and development for students and educators. Sessions may address:

Teacher Delight

40-minute presentation

Explores the recipe for redefining the teacher role in the classroom and ways teachers can feel supported and empowered in their work. Sessions may address:

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